NT10 Modbus RTU Networking LCD Thermostat

The NT10 Series RS485 Modbus RTU networking LCD Fan Coil applies communication technology of Modbus RTU master/slave protocol to monitor and supervise year around air conditioning units in commercial, industrial and residential Installation. Typical application includes the control of fan coil units, packaged terminal air conditioners and combination heating and cooling equipment, as part of the system that consists of two-way or three-way valve and a multispeed line voltage fan. The maximum number of NT10 slaves in a Modbus RTU network is 32.
Optional BACnet MS/TP Gateway module (BMG) is available for order. It works as an interface to link up the NT50 thermostats with BACnet MS/TP communication bus. Please refer to the product bulletin of BMG BACnet MS/TP Gateway for details.
Supply Voltage:         220 VAC +/- 15%, 50/60 Hz

Setpoint Range:        5…35 ℃

Shipping Weight:       550 g