UC24T Standalone Universal Controller

The UC24T Universal Controller is designed for Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration in comfort control of industrial, commercial and residential environments.  It can be mounted on a control panel or on wall in plant rooms.
Measurement and control of temperature, relative humidity, absolute humidity, enthalpy, pressure differential, volumetric airflow and indoor air quality.  The input scale can be set from –99 to 999 units.  The start and end points of 24 VAC output can retain the valve at any position between 0 to 100%.  It provides 4 numbers of on-off output which are configured as one 2-position on-off output, or two 2-position on-off outputs, or one 3-point PI output, or two 3-point PI outputs, or one 2-position and one 3-point PI outputs.
24 VDC supply voltage
Modern Appearance
Stylish rotary dial and touch key
Large LCD with backlight
One universal input + one 0…VDC input
Four 24 VAC output points
12 specific application controls
PI Algorithm
Eco-mode DI for energy saving purpose
Day / night DI for action changeover
Retention of last settings upon power failure
Configuration and Parameter setup menu
Customizing availability